Maintenance Home Inspection

Maintenance Home Inspection

A Maintenance Inspection is for homeowners that already own the home (whether you live in it or have tenants in it) and want to gather current-time information about the state of the dwelling. You may be unaware of emerging problems and potential safety hazards. This type of inspection may help you prevent small issues from becoming large and costly repairs.

Given that your home is generally one of the largest assets you may own in your lifetime, it is important to understand how it is operating. It is recommended to perform a Maintenance Inspection on your home every five years. It’s like getting a physical from your doctor, or a tune-up on your vehicle. Things change over time, and often we are unaware of how small changes lead to larger issues. Finding overlooked problems, unnoticed safety risks, and potential hazards is important in older home.

Things to consider:


    • What repairs are required?

    • What is the timeline for repairs? 

    • What is the approximate cost for repairs?

    • What are the safety hazards/issues?

The Home Maintenance Inspection arms you with answers to these questions and assists you in developing a long-term strategy for preserving and improving your home and Investment. If you are a previous client, we are happy to offer you a 20% discount on Maintenance Inspections.