Frequently Asked Questions

Home inspections generally take 2-3 hours. The duration of the inspection depends on many factors, such as: square footage of the house, the age and condition of the house, the number of systems to inspect (HVAC, plumbing, drains etc.), and the ability to access certain portions of the dwelling (roof, crawl space, attic, etc.). Weather may also be a factor for the exterior portions of the home. It is important that the buyer and the current homeowner set aside sufficient time to allow a thorough inspection. 


Home inspections reveal potential and current problems about a home/condo before you decide to proceed with a real estate transaction. The inspection will help you determine if all the major components of the home are functioning properly and at their full capacity, if there are any significant defects or damages to the home, and if there are any imminent or future repairs recommended. A detailed digital report will be generated by the Inspector, complete with pictures and links to relevant information.  


It is very likely that at least a few problems will be revealed during the home inspection process. No home is perfect. When issues are found they are often minor. Regardless of the severity, the seller of the property is not obligated to fix any of these problems at their expense. The buyer may want to negotiate repairs into the contract, offer a lower price on the house based on estimated repair costs, or terminate the real estate transaction completely.


If you have decided to book a Home Inspection, you have likely already walked through the home either in person or virtually. This generally leads to questions. The home inspection is a great time to ask of these questions and get answers. Come prepared with your questions instead or better yet, let your inspector know your questions ahead of time, so they are prepared to look for the answers while performing the inspection. Feel free to ask questions that occur to you during the inspection. Do not be afraid to ask for clarification if you do not understand something during your home inspection.  

Here are some questions that I am often asked:

  • How old is the furnace?
  • What is the process of the home inspection?
  • Do you inspect major appliances?
  • Is this electrical system/wiring safe?
  • How many years are left in the life of the shingles?


There are as many potential questions as homes, so this is not an exhaustive list. Put your thinking cap on and ask away. If the Inspector does not know the answer to your questions immediately, they will make their best effort to find the answer and provide it with your report within 24 hours.


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Wett Inspections and Insurance company – Most companies Require a WETT Certified Inspection. WETT inspections and Insurance companies go hand in hand. Most insurance companies today require that you obtain an inspection of your wood burning appliance by a WETT (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) Certified Inspector.

Not only is it a good idea to get a WETT inspection when you purchase a home with a wood burning fireplace, but you should also consider getting any wood burning appliance inspected every five years and getting a chimney sweep every two years (depending on how much you use the appliance) as there are many factors to consider such as creosote buildup as well as damper and flue maintenance.

A home inspection is a professional service that investigates the current condition of a home/condominium and its major components. Based on a visual examination of the accessible features (like the roof, HVAC and electrical systems, and the plumbing), a report is generated. The emphasis is on the way the home actually performs, not on how visually appealing the home may appear. Although Home Inspections are often completed during a real estate transaction, they may be performed at any time to gain a better understanding of the true state of the home.



Buying a home is likely one of the biggest investments of your life. Without an inspection, it is hard to know what decision is best, especially with a resale home. A home inspection gives you the peace of mind to buy with knowledge and confidence. 



It is not required that you get a Home Inspection prior to selling your home. There are, however, many potential benefits to doing so. An Inspection reveals potential surprises you did not know about your home which may adversely affect the price a buyer is willing to pay. Presenting the report to potential buyers may sometimes help them feel like you are transparent and honest. It may speed up the process as the buyer does not have to arrange their own inspection. 

We encourage our Clients to attend the home inspection process. This is your time to learn about the home and ask questions as we go along. Often it is helpful to our Inspectors to have you present, so they are able to ask you questions too. If you are unable to attend, you will still receive an informative report complete with pictures and descriptions.


In the report generated, the Home Inspector provides an on-site professional opinion and detailed description of the home at one point in time. We know that an accurate understanding of the current condition of the home is only one of many important factors that go into the decision-making process for buying a home. We provide you with the information required for you to make the best decision for you and your family.

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Every home or condo/apartment dwelling is different, but these are some of the things we inspect.

  • Roof 
  • Attic spaces 
  • Chimneys 
  • Exterior cladding 
  • Windows and doors 
  • Drainage and landscaping 
  • Fences and decks 
  • Foundation 
  • Insulation and air barriers 
  • Plumbing system 
  • Electrical system 
  • Heating and cooling systems 
  • Basements and crawlspaces 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Kitchens 
  • Flooring 

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